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What I offer

If you do appreciate my work I offer digital high resolution files and prints. Prints are in glossy  high quality paper. I offer both single print or collages.


If you have own ideas for a collage design, don't hesitate to contact me. Displayed on my page are some samples of how my collages can look, all depending on what photos are taken.

When I go to an event I try to capture as many participant as possible. If u can't find yourself, email me and I will have a look.

On my facebook page I post most of the pictures from every event, go there and check it out!


All prints are from a professional photolab. Prints are orderd to me so I can review them so the quality is okay and then the prints will be sent to customer.

Price List

Collage Examples

Exempel collage.jpg
Exempel Collage 2.jpg
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